Us/them (2019): This dance theater duet was created in collaboration with Bryant Henderson and premiered at the CSU Spring Dance Concert.

Selective Memory (2018): Created in response to Sarah Kabot’s 3072 and Protest. This dance-theater structured improv moment explores tracing pathways through time, space and memory, childhood, responses to the news, and the kind of amnesia that we all employ. This piece was performed as a part of Interplay at Spaces Gallery, created by Anne Howard, Samuel McIntosh, Mary-Elizabeth Fenn, Robert Rubama, Akane Little and Bryant Henderson.


photo by Marissa Glorioso

Midnight Snack (2018): This comedic dance and physical theater piece explores the desires that motivate humankind in an honest look at the initial moments
of sexual attraction and the awkwardness seduction. It was premiered at Cleveland Public Theatre’s Pandemonium.


photo by Marissa Glorioso

Habits (2017): When a behavior is learned and repeated, the decision-making part of the brain stops working. In an investigation on how what we do affects others, this piece examines how small habits formed from implicit bias create consequences in our world. This piece was inspired by Claudia Rankine’s book, Citizen: An American Lyric. It was premiered at Cleveland Public Theatre’s Station Hope.


photo by Karen Burke

Ripples (2017): Each of us can make small and meaningful steps toward hope and change, building in strength to defeat modern injustice. This calm, meditative piece is the embodiment of Robert Kennedy’s famous Ripples of Hope quote from his South Africa speech. It was premiered at Cleveland Public Theatre’s Station Hope.


PLAY! (2018): We believe play creates a positive impact on the world. An up-beat cast of dancers enjoy the subject of play with vivacious choreography. It was premiered at Open Streets Cleveland in May 2018.

Fortuity (2018): A baby bird encounters a chance occurrence. Will she fly or fall?  Watch as she regenerates like a radiant, gawking, inelegant phoenix. This piece was premiered at TrideaDance Concert (Anne Howard) and then performed at Cleveland Dance Festival (Shannon Metelko).


photo by Jennifer Sandoval-Eccher

Your Talent Is Not A Burden (2018): Choreography by Mary-Elizabeth Fenn. This piece was performed at TrideaDance Concert (Anne Howard).


Kaguya Kikai (2018): A living storybook about a moon princess featuring dance and projected animation. Kaguya Kikai is based on a Japanese folktale and features a steampunk style. Blending illustration, modern dance, storytelling, animation, theatrics, and shadow play, Kaguya Kikai is perfect for all ages. This piece was created in collaboration with Sequoia Bostick and Mike Fields through the support of Maelstrom Collaborative Arts.


photo by Morgan Mzik

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Open Streets Cleveland (2018): With the help of Spaces Gallery and Hingetown Cultureworks, Levity created a large-scale street installation called PLAY!

PLAY! is an installation creating a vast world of fun and movement for adult humans, young persons and those predisposed to playfulness. Awaken your fun-loving spirit and indulge in delightful play. Consider this a great opportunity to research the benefits of being a silly person.

Dyngus Day Cleveland (2018): Bringing Polish delicacies to life! Costumes by Mark Jenks.


photo by Sam Skelton


LDPT teaches workshops in dance, acrobatics, partnering, theatre and fitness to any age at any level (beginner to advanced). Our educational programs are fun-filled and inspiring.


The cast of writer/director Christopher Givens of New Orleans (Tulane University) in a workshop on movement concepts and weight-sharing technique for their inspiring new work based on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

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Special Event Work

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