Levity Dance and Physical Theater (LDPT) is driven by curiosity, connection and play. We make dance and theater pieces that lift the spirits and elevate thinking. We alleviate corporeal boredom through creative and fun-filled educational programs. We make art that connects into shared human experiences. We believe that humor, frivolity and fun is powerful and creates a lasting positive impact on the world.

To join the fun and to learn more, please contact us and donate!

LDPT was created by Anne Howard in 2017.

Anne Howard is a unique mover with an extravagant imagination who draws upon eclectic experiences and a diversity of styles. Her journey has fostered a natural proclivity to humor and fun, a core element of her movement aesthetic. Anne loves collaborating and has partnered with organizations to create new original works, such as Maelstrom Collaborative Arts  (Kaguya Kikai) and Spaces Gallery (PLAY! and Interplay). She has had the pleasure of creating work for Cleveland Public Theatre’s Station Hope (Habits and Ripples) and Pandemonium (Midnight Snack). For Anne, the most memorable performance spaces are adventurous settings like beaches, stairwells, alleyways, and front yards – but also include Cain Park, Playhouse Square, Cleveland’s Accidental Comedy Fest, TrideaDance, and Cleveland Dance Festival. Anne danced for Alyssa Lee Wilmot’s ‘group a dance‘, apprenticed with Inlet Dance Theatre and Elu Dance Company, and studied mask and clown with Pig Iron Theatre Company. Anne is also a regular puppeteer with the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Community Arts Department and teaches outreach programs for Parade the Circle. She teaches dance, conditioning and acrobatics at Dance Lakewood. Anne is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Acrobatic Arts Instructor, and Red Cross Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED Certified. 

Anne created LDPT so that she can continue playing, searching, creating and sharing all kinds of movement with the world.